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WATCH: This is what happens when ‘prom’ goes wrong

WATCH: This is what happens when ‘prom’ goes wrong

YouTuber Elle Mills regularly pulls hilarious stunts.

She recently married her sister’s boyfriend to prove her family wrong.

The YouTuber came out as bisexual in November.

Her latest video documents another of her crazy and wild stunt.

Elle explained: ‘All my life I wanted that perfect prom moment you see in every teen movie. I wanted it so much that I decided to make it happen for myself. And spoiler alert, it didn’t fucking work.’

After meeting Dodie at a YouTube convention, Elle Mills says she fell head over heels for the singer.

YouTube musician Dodie is known for breaking the stigma around mental health by talking about her own struggles with social anxiety.

To help with setting up the prom, Elle Mills rang Dodie’s friend Sammy Paul.

Elle set up a stunt to ask Dodie to prom with the help of Sammy.

She set up a trail of roses and photoshopped pictures of the pair which Dodie had to follow.

Elle was stood on a horse-drawn carriage at the end of the trail. She held up a large sign that said ‘Prom?’

To Elle’s delight, Dodie agreed.

Two days later, Dodie is shown nervously getting ready for prom.

She explained: ‘I don’t know if it’s a real prom but I’m wearing a proper dress, I dressed up and everything.’

The YouTuber said she ‘didn’t want to look outside’ because she wouldn’t be surprised if Elle had sent a limo for her.

The pair turned up to the prom where they were greeted by an empty room and an ice sculpture of their faces.

Then things go downhill.

Watch the video below to see what happened next