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Here is proof Celebrity Big Brother’s India is lying about her ‘phobia’ of drag queens

Here is proof Celebrity Big Brother’s India is lying about her ‘phobia’ of drag queens

Does Celebrity Big Brother's India really have a phobia of drag queens? Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother

The latest run of Celebrity Big Brother UK is causing a stir by its frank discussions of gender, sex, and LGBTI issues.

At the center of it all is India Willougby, a transgender newscaster, who recently revealed her gender identity in the public eye.

Also starring is RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Courtney Act.

Does India from Celebrity Big Brother have a real phobia of drag queens?

When the Australian Idol star entered the house, fans were stunned by India saying she has a ‘phobia’ of drag queens.

And on last night’s show, she compared drag to blackface and said it was offensive to her.

India claimed it was similar to minstrel shows, and how offensive they are to black people.

It came after Courtney put Apprentice star Andrew Brady in drag, and the newscaster threw a tantrum.

Photos reveal past encounters with drag queens

But it turns out she is lying about her phobia of drag queens, as unearthed images have revealed.

Two photos, seen from India’s Twitter, were taken while she was at Harrogate Pride on 20 May last year.

During the time in the house, she insisted she has never been to a Pride march.

She tweeted: ‘Conchita – what are you doing here? The fab ladies of @hausofdench @Pride_Diversity.’

One CBB viewer tweeted: ‘It’s amazing how India has an incredible phobia of drag queens. I’l l just leave these here…make of it what you will…#cbb #cbbuk.’

Another said: ‘Both at Pride. That she’s never been to either. Hmmm.’

‘She will have a lot of explaining to do…’

Sometimes, CBB contestants are challenged on their views by past tweets or messages sent by fans of the show.


One Twitter user said: ‘hope big brother when they do that reading out tweet thing bring this us then she will have a lot of explaining to do.’

But then, Andrew might have some explaining to do as well.

When he said he hadn’t done drag before on the show, fans also found him dressed as Daenerys from Game of Thrones from a past Halloween.