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Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olson battles anti-gay marriage advocate Tony Perkins

Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olson battles anti-gay marriage advocate Tony Perkins

Ted Olson, one of the lawyers who argued against California’s Prop 8, went toe-to-toe with anti-gay marriage advocate Tony Perkins on today’s (18 January) Fox News Sunday show.

The two were invited to discuss the Supreme Court’s announcement that in April it will hear four marriage equality cases.

Perkins, as reported by Mediaite, argued marriage equality has come about because of ‘judicial activism’ and not majority will.

‘This is not how we reach broad national consensus on this,’ Perkins noted.

Olson countered the country’s highest court’s history is recognizing marriage as a basic human right.

‘The Supreme Court of the United States, 15 times over the last 120 years, has said that marriage is a fundamental right,’ Olson said. ‘Never once in any of those cases did it say it had to be between a man and woman. Fifteen times it said it was a matter of privacy, liberty, association, dignity and respect for the individual. That’s what the constitution’s all about.’

Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, vehemently disagreed that attacks on same-sex marriage were similar to those made against interracial relationships.

‘It’s a specious argument,’ Perkins insisted. ‘There you had a man-made barrier keeping the races apart. Here you have judges attacking a natural bridge bringing the sexes together.’

Below is a clip of the debate: