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Property host kicked off Airbnb after she evicted gay couple

Property host kicked off Airbnb after she evicted gay couple

A property owner was kicked off Airbnb after she allegedly learned she was hosting two gay men.

Jonathan Wang and his partner Brent booked the house in Galveston, Texas, to attend a wedding. They had booked two nights at $280 in total (€250).

‘We went in and took a tour of the house on our own. Everything looked really nice,’ said Wang.

So after unpacking their bags and heading to the wedding reception, they ran into the owner.

‘Heather asked me where my wife was, "Who is this person?"

‘I said it was my significant other Brent. She said, "I thought you were bringing a wife". I said "I didn’t say that specifically". I said, "Is that going to be OK?" She said, "It’s not."’

Wang then said the hosts kicked them out, leaving them homeless for the night. As it was late Friday night, every hotel he called was booked.

Thankfully, as Wang is a commercial pilot, he was able to call in a favor and get a room.

On the Airbnb listing, it says in the home description listing: ‘BTW FYI We are "straight friendly" hosts’.

‘I’m completely of my legal realms and morals,’ host Heather told ABC 13. 


When asked if she rented to gay couples, she responded: ‘That’s none of your business. That’s my private home.’

An Airbnb spokesperson issued a statement, confirming the host’s listing had been removed from the website.

They said: ‘We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination on Airbnb. The host in question has been removed from the site. Airbnb has clear guidelines that a host or a guest may not promote hate or bigotry.’

Wang has received a refund and payment for the one night hotel stay he was forced to book at the last minute.