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‘Proud to be gay’ say X Factor contestants

‘Proud to be gay’ say X Factor contestants

UK X Factor favorite Lucy Spraggan has spoken of her pride at helping gay people feel more at ease as this year’s competition sees two talented lesbians through to the live shows.

Spraggan claims her sexuality came as no surprise to her family as she openly admitted she was gay after her first audition.

The 21-year-old, from Buxton in Derbyshire, told British newspaper Metro: ‘I’ve always been “out”.

‘I was never really “in”.

‘Saying I was gay was like saying “I’m going to the shop”, there was no shock.

‘I’m proud my X Factor fame is helping gay fans come out.’

The singing sensation, who wowed judges with her own songs about an ex-girlfriend on the show, has revealed that fans have got in contact with her and told her how they found strength from her honesty to tell their family they are gay too.

‘For me, to have helped someone come out is the biggest compliment ever,’ she added.

Spraggan will join girl group rival, Jade Ellis, 25, also openly gay, in the live shows starting on Saturday (6 October).

Ellis says her focus is on educating her six-year-old daughter, Caiden, about how it’s normal for a woman to have a girlfriend.

‘I’ve had very ignorant people shout out “lesbian” in the street, but it’s not a derogatory thing to me,’ she said.

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