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Five Proud Boys arrested in connection to homophobic assault in NYC

Five Proud Boys arrested in connection to homophobic assault in NYC

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes in 2015

Five members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group founded by Gavin McInnes, were arrested in connection to a recent assault in New York City.

The Proud Boys is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Attack

The incident took place on Friday, 12 October outside the Metropolitan Republican Club. Following a speech given by McInnes at the club, his supporters violently attacked a group of anti-fascist (Antifa) protesters.

According to a police report, three Antifa protesters chased a Proud Boy supporter as he left the club. They reportedly punched him and took his backpack.

In response, a few blocks away, a full-on brawl took place which resulted in the Antifa protesters being arrested. While they were ultimately freed without bail, many took issue with the fact none of the Proud Boys — who instigated the fight with homophobic slurs — were not taken into custody.

Videos and photos taken by those on the scene show at least 30 Proud Boy members kicking a man on the street. ‘ARE YOU BRAVE NOW, F*AGGOT?,’ they reportedly asked the man.

ThinkProgress reports that the Proud Boys were ‘brutally beating and kicking several individuals while shouting “f*ggot” and “cocksucker,” reportedly because one of them stole one of their MAGA hats.’

Proud Boys member Geoffrey Young, 38, was arrested on 18 October in connection with the brawl. Five other Proud Boys members were taken into custody shortly after.

Who is Gavin McInnes?

Gavin McInnes has made many racist and anti-LGBTI remarks in the past. In a 14 October podcast, he defended the use of the slur ‘f*ggot.’ Earlier this year, he claimed Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff can’t be trusted because he has a ‘gay face.’

Back in 2014, McInnes published an article titled ‘Transphobia is Perfectly Natural’ on Thought Catalogue.

Strangely, however, McInnes also wanted the world to know he isn’t homophobic.

In 2015, he started his own show, The Gavin McInnes show, on Compound Media. During one episode, McInnes allegedly shoved a dildo up his own rectum to ‘protest Islam.’

McInnes is planning a trip to Australia in November. Members of the country’s Labor party are urging the government to deny him a visa.

Update 27 October: A previous version of this article claimed McInnes himself was arrested. It has been updated to clarify that he was not taken into custody himself.

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