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14 strangely powerful portraits of queer dudes in Providence shot days after Trump’s election win (NSFW)

14 strangely powerful portraits of queer dudes in Providence shot days after Trump’s election win (NSFW)

Gay mag Elska meets Rhode Island's finest for its latest issue

Sad. Bemused. Inscrutable. Defiant. Unapologetically naked.

The following images of LGBTI guys from Providence, Rhode Island, carry a certain, enigmatic power.

Why? Well, partly because they were captured in the aftermath of Trump’s election win in 2016…

Here, Liam Campbell, editor of Elska, shares the story of the gay mag’s most diverse issue yet, in the wake of one of the biggest shocks in political history.

‘It’s our 11th edition but our first set in a US city. Yet rather than choose a more expected place like NYC or San Francisco, we chose Providence. We went for the capital of America’s smallest state because, well, it’s just absolutely gorgeous.

‘Our shoots took place just days after the presidential election, when pretty much everyone we met was in shock. Rhode Island is a solidly liberal state, and we certainly didn’t meet any Trump supporters, or at least not any that dared to admit it.

‘While Elska has become known for showing a diverse group of men on its pages, this is probably our most diverse issue yet. Particularly in terms of race. It’s a real testament to what America is supposed to be, a melting pot of people where everyone should feel at home.

‘Outside of working for Elska, I’ve personally been to thirty-five states, and honestly Rhode Island is my favourite one. That’s why we had to dedicate an issue here.

‘We shot this issue well in advance, back in November, so we could take advantage of autumn. It’s New England’s most beautiful season. That’s why throughout the issue you’ll see a lot of leaves in red, orange and gold.

‘This certainly won’t be the last American city we feature, but no decision has been made regarding where the next one will be. Get in touch if you have suggestions!’

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