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Meet the black queer superheroes fighting the Nazi mayor who wants to make you straight

Meet the black queer superheroes fighting the Nazi mayor who wants to make you straight

Don't worry, the Pryde Force Fyve have got your back against the evil Nazi mayor| Photo: Gay Star News

A team of queer black superheroes – and their unicorn – are fighting the evil forces that want to make ‘Transfransisco Straight Again.’

The Pryde Force Fyve is the team saving ‘Transfrancisco’ from evil mayor Ford Whyteguy McWhyteman.

The story revolves around five, queer black superheroes, each representing a different part of the LGBTI community.

With a huge range of different gender, sexual, and romantic identities – together they want to stop the newly elected Mayor from political party ‘Making Transfransisco Straight Again.’

‘I hope that Pryde Force Fyve will open many doors in regards to broader portrayals and far more proper representation of LGBTI people of color,’ Jax the comic’s creator explains to Gay Star News.

‘I had very few opportunities to see black women and femmes in anime, manga, video games, comics and it was borderline insulting.’

Jax is an androgynous alt model who identifies as pangender | Photo: @jaxjaxattaxx

Inspired by the lack of representation in mainstream media, Jax from Orlando Florida has adopted the kind of activism that queers do best: When others won’t do it for us, as queers, we’ll do it for ourselves.

So now in this new comic, these awesome queer superheroes are fighting one hell of a good fight.

Describing the evil mayor they battle against as ‘1000 percent inspired by that Cheeto-dust covered joke presently sitting in the Oval Office’ – it’s clear recent events weigh heavy on on Jax’s mind.

And frankly, it’s leaving us at GSN wishing this awesome quintuplet were able to save our reality too…

Meet the Pryde Force Fyve

Lady Luck

Darla from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax
Darla from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax

Name: Darla ‘Dyce’ (Pronounced ‘Dice’) Kerry
Alias: ‘Lady Luck’
Gender Identity: Genderfluid
Sexual Identity: Pangender
Bio: The direct descendant of the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, and the Voodoo Loa, Baron Samedi, Dyce serves as the team’s Voodoo Queen and Necromancer (hint: those tattoos aren’t just for show). Along with Gemini, she leads the Pryde Force Fyve against Transfransisco Bay’s newly-elected mayor and the PFF’s greatest enemy, Straight Edge: The Neo(n) Nazi.

Rushin Roulette

Gemini from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax
Gemini from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax

Name: Gemini Kyle
Alias: ‘Rushin Roulette’
Gender Identity: Femme (male-to-female transwoman)
Sexual Identity: Bisexual
Bio: With a bloodline that traces all the way back to the Buffalo Soldiers, Gemini Kyle serves as the team’s leader. They are a brilliant markswoman, scientist, and doctor. Her mastery of Gunkata makes Christian Bale’s and Keeanu’s Reeves’ characters in ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘The Matrix’ look like boy scouts.


Armani from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax
Armani from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax

Name: Armani McKhing
 Alias: ‘What the fuck do I look like trying to have the world give credit to some alias instead of me? I ain’t got nothing to hide. Miss me with that ‘Batman’ bullshit.’ – Armani.
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Identity: Gay (proud Bottom)
Bio: A beloved humanitarian figure throughout the Black Community of Transfransisco Bay, Armani uses his status as one of the wealthiest men in Transfransisco Bay to build up his People, and owns the salon, ‘Cuttin’ Up’. He’s a master of Pyrokinesis and serves as the team’s tactician.

The Dutchess

The Duke from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax
The Duke from the Pryde Force Fyve | Photo: Jax

Name: Duke ‘The Duke’ Keller
Alias: The Dutchess
Gender Identity: Cisgender
Sexual Identity: Asexual
Bio: Duke serves as Mayor Whyteman’s right-hand man and financial advisor with the hopes of usurping him in the not-too-distant future. Along with his sister, he owns and runs the gay club ‘Bottoms Up.’ He possesses a power similar to kotodama – the ability to control a person’s soul and mind with his words; this manifests itself in battle through the use of his powerful voice capable of rendering entire buildings to dust in mere seconds.

Bytch The Peggicorlyon

DAMN that’s an awesome Unicorn | Photo: Jax

Bio: The unofficial mascot of Pryde Force Fyve, Bytch is a chimera. Composed of a lion, unicorn, and pegasus was accidentally created by Dyce and Gemini. He refers to them affectionately as Mama and Papa. Bytch has two forms that are so drastically different. Those who see him transform for the first time are often shocked. He speaks with an inexplicable Rastafarian accent (because why not?).

And the Nazi mayor they are fighting against?

The Evil Mayor in the Pryde Force Fyve series | Photo: Jax

My father whipped around in a crowded mall and asked me, “Are you a dyke?

Pryde Force Fyve is heavily inspired by Jax’s own experience.

One core theme is exploring toxic masculinity through the scope of the black community. Something Jax says ‘is not only lethally prevalent but continues to be pervasive.’

In a community where it is ‘extremely common’ for some Black parents to feel that they would rather have a dead son than a queer one, Jax explains religion is a big part of this.

Remembering a particularly difficult experience herself she says:

‘I was maybe 10 or 11 when I wanted a hightop pair of ice-blue Air Jordans; my choice had nothing to do with my sexuality— I just thought they looked cuter and cooler than the “girl” low-tops.

‘But my father whipped around and in a crowded mall and accusingly asked me, “Are you a dyke?”’

Jax’s father has since changed his views and she describes their relationship as loving, supporting, and accepting. But when we spoke, this was just one of many examples of the fear keeping black queers in the closet.

The comic explores the damaging effects this kind of toxic masculinity can inflict through many of the characters’ storylines.

Follow Jax on Twitter to find out about the comic – Pryde Force is being published by Noir Caesar Entertainment 

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