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Public approval for same-sex marriage and adoption skyrockets in Chile

Public approval for same-sex marriage and adoption skyrockets in Chile

a group of young people huddled together smiling and holding a sign in spanish that reads, 'marriage equality, now'

Support for major LGBTI issues has jumped in Chile as support for marriage equality is at an all time high.
The Cadem survey showed that 65% of Chileans above the age of 18, supported marriage equality. That’s a seven point jump since February.

Also, more Chileans than ever support the rights of same-sex couples to adopt children. A staggering 52% of people support same-sex adoption, which is ten points higher than in February.

On trans issues, 67% of people agreed a person can tranisition without surgery or approval for a medical board. But only once they’ve changed their gender markers on official documents such as national ID cards and passports.

Chile’s leading LGBTI organization, Movilh, ‘celebrated’ the survey results.

‘Citizen perceptions about LGBTI people and same-sex parents have always been getting better, they’ve never gone backwards, from 1991 until today,’ said Movilh spokesperson Daniela Andrade.

‘The same applies to the position of Chileans facing legal equality. These changes can not be stopped by anyone and once again shows that the State supports cultural change.’

Full steam ahead on gender identity

Even though Chile has recognized civil unions since 2015, the current government said passing marriage equality would not be a priority.

Sebastián Piñera took power in March and one of his spokespeople said marriage equality was on the backburner.

‘Within the program there is no commitment to take forward or lead a procedure regarding equal marriage,’ said Minister General Secretary of Government Cecilia Pérez, reports T13. ‘It will be the parliamentarians themselves who must have the consensus, the necessary dialogue to be able to carry out that bill.’

But Pérez said the new president would move forward on Gender Identity Bill. That bill will allow transgender adults to legally change their name and gender without surgery or a court order. Chile’s Congress approved the bill in January.

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