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What can you do with public health degree?

Learn about the science of healthcare and the politics of public health

What can you do with public health degree?
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What can you do with public health degree?

A public health degree is unique compared to other healthcare-related degrees. It lets you learn about the science of healthcare and the politics of public health in a more balanced way. As a result, a public health degree is a perfect degree to have if you want to be a part of the positive changes affecting communities around you.

A master of public health degree also grants you access to a wide range of career options. What can you do with a public health degree? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

Healthcare Service Management

While doctors and nurses handle the day-to-day delivery of treatments and healthcare services, healthcare service managers – also known as healthcare administrators – are the ones coordinating the efforts. After graduating with an MPH degree, you can assume the role of the administrator in a healthcare institution.

The job puts you in charge of facility and service management. Your role is to make sure the healthcare institution is following the laws and regulations surrounding the industry. It is also your responsibility to keep the institution ahead in terms of technology. On top of it all, you have to make sure that the treatments and healthcare services delivered to patients are up to the highest standard.

Community Health Worker

The next career path to consider is in community health. As a health educator or a community health worker, it is your responsibility to help individuals in a community (or communities, depending on the scope of your work) remain healthy. You will be educating people about wellness and health awareness.

This is a particularly exciting career because you can be more involved in helping people around you. It is not just about training sessions either; you will also be in charge of monitoring trends and common health issues so that the community can make the necessary changes to be better.


A lot of illnesses require patients to alter their lifestyle to get better. Consuming medications and getting enough rest are no longer enough. Changes to patients’ diets and other habits are often required to prevent long-term health problems.

This is where you come in. As a nutritionist, it is your job to review the patient’s current lifestyle and advise changes. You are also in charge of providing the patient with dietary suggestions based on their specific needs. This is a profession you can do as a practitioner in a hospital, or as a public health consultant for communities.


If you love doing research, then a career as an epidemiologist is definitely for you. Epidemiology is the study of patterns, causes, and effects of diseases in a population. You will be involved in analyzing the causes of outbreaks and formulating strategies to prevent future catastrophes.

This is a career that isn’t just rewarding but also filled with fast-paced action. To get started, you simply need to complete your public health degree online from a reputable university such as the University of Arizona.

Building a career in epidemiology – or any other professions we discussed earlier – will be easy with a public health degree under your belt.

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