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Former Pussycat Doll singer Kaya Jones goes on anti-trans rant

Former Pussycat Doll singer Kaya Jones goes on anti-trans rant

Kaya Jones

Former Pussycat Doll singer Kaya Jones took to Twitter last night (5 January) to post a series of anti-trans tweets.

The proud Donald Trump supporter tweeted a video of a gender neutral bathroom. She also wrote in the caption: ‘How would you feel about your child using this bathroom?’

In response to the tweet, transgender author Juno Dawson responded to the tweet: Have you ever been on a plane bbz?’

At the time of writing, Dawson’s tweet has more likes on it (over 8,000) than Jones’ (3,700).

Similarly, a lot of the replies to Jones’ video said they’d feel absolutely fine about their children using a gender neutral bathroom.

Kaya Jones: ‘I don’t want men in my bathroom’

Jones later tweeted: ‘I am a true warrior for my gender. I don’t want anyone telling me as a woman who can come into my bathroom. I don’t want men in my bathroom. It makes me very uncomfortable.’

Jones then tweeted today: ‘Why is it controversial to say I don’t think women and men should share a public bathroom. Just curious. And how did we go from separate toilets to shared ones.’

‘I guess because I don’t agree with shared bathrooms I’m now a genderphob (sic).

‘It’s now controversial to have taken a science class and be aware there are only two genders,’ she tweeted.

Kaya Jones previously tweeted her disgust for whoever destroyed Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

‘This is disgusting and the left will praise this as heroic,’ she said. ‘Truly disgusting. I pray for you hateful souls.’

In 2017, she joined the National Diversity Coalition for Trump as their Native American Ambassador for Trump. This is despite Jones not being a member of any federally-recognized Native American tribe.

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