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Putin agrees to investigate abuse of gay men in Chechnya

Putin agrees to investigate abuse of gay men in Chechnya

President Vladimir Putin signed Russia's gay 'propaganda' law in 2013.

Vladimir Putin has bowed to international pressure to investigate abuse of gay men in Chechnya.

The Russian president has faced repeated calls from the US, UK, and countries around the world calling for an end to the torture, illegal imprisonment, and murder of gay men in the autonomous region.

The human rights ombudsman in Russia asked Putin to support her request to form a group in Moscow to investigate the human rights abuses.

Putin has agreed to the proposal for investigating what he called the ‘well-known information, or rumors’ about what is happening to people ‘with a non-traditional sexual orientation’.

Last month news emerged of gay and bi men, including men who are believed to be gay, are being detained in concentration camps.

At first, there was believed to be one camp, but currently there are at least six in operation.

At least 200 men are being held, and at least four have been killed so far.

It has now emerged authorities are allegedly telling parents of gay men to ‘sort it out’ or the state will intervene.

Alvi Karimov, a spokesperson for the Chechen government, denied allegations of running concentration camp.

‘You can’t detain and repress people who simply don’t exist in the republic,’ he said.

And Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic, swore to eliminate the country’s gay community ‘by Ramadan’.

Ramadan, Islam’s holy month, begins on 26 May this year.