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Putin and friends win awards for anti-gay abuses

Putin and friends win awards for anti-gay abuses

President Vladimir Putin and Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill have been awarded ‘Golden Enema’ prizes for their anti-gay abuses.

Neither were there to pick up the insulting prizes from the Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality at the ceremony in St Petersburg, Russia.

But they, and the other six winners, will be forwarded their Golden Enemas, and their scrolls of dishonor outlining their ‘services to homophobia’, by post.

Putin was given, ‘the Grand Prix’ or ‘Tsar Enema’ for ‘rampant homophobia and the recently adopted discriminatory laws tending towards fascism’ the organizers said

They added: ‘Our head of state received his award “for an attempt to forge, in Russia, a spiritual link between the Third Reich and the Middle Ages.”’

Orthodox church head Vladimir Gundyaev, better known by his spiritual name Patriarch Kirill, won his award for ‘apocalyptic hysteria’ for declaring gay marriage is a ‘symptom of the apocalypse’.

And a former Russian Orthodox priest, turned actor, Ivan Okhlobystin won a prize ‘for serving the spirit of Nazism in the guise of spirituality’ after he said he was ready to personally burn gays in ovens.

An ‘Olympic’ category saw pole-vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva who claimed ‘homosexuality is alien to the Russians’ igniting a storm of protest from the world of sport.

State Duma (lower house of parliament) Deputy Aleksei Zhuravlyov won for ‘homophobic kidnapping’ – his proposal to deprive homosexuals of parental rights.

And the ‘Goebbels School of Journalism’ prize went to Arkady Mamontov, from Rossiya TV channel who accused gays of causing the Chelyabinsk meteorite to smash into earth, damaging 7,200 buildings and injuring 1,500 people.

The Russian Foreign Ministry was awarded an ‘enema’ with the citation ‘Shame Without Borders’.
A final category, ‘Hysteria in the City’ was devised specially for St Petersburg, as organizers said: ‘Our city has pioneered homophobic policies and thereby won universal notoriety.’

But they added: ‘Over the last year the social disease of homophobia has become an acute infection in Russian society.

‘Whereas last year its epicenter was located in St Petersburg, now the laurel crown has been won by the federal capital [Moscow], for its success in making the policy of discriminating against and humiliating the LGBT community into a cornerstone of state ideology and propaganda.’

The awards were announced at the St Petersburg Press Club.