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Putin, Hussein, Bush and more politicians get a drag makeover

Putin, Hussein, Bush and more politicians get a drag makeover

Fierce and fabulous might not be words usually used to describe Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

But his transformation into Vladdy Pushin’, with long lashes and a sparkling outfit, is nothing short of spectacular.

The drag transformation of the famous politician, along with other controversial world leaders, is part of an image series by artist Saint Hoax, who uses the subjects to draw parallels between the process of becoming a drag queen to the process of becoming a popular politician.

According to Hoax both politicians and drag queens can be characterised with a ‘flamboyant name, fierce persona and one hell of a PR team’.

Hoax got the idea for the project shortly after attending his first drag show.

The artist believes that ‘behind every “great” man, there’s a queen’ as they have a lot of similar features in common.

‘Just like drag queens, political leaders are expected to entertain, perform and occasionally lip-sync a public speech,’ says Hoax on his website.

‘But unlike drag queens, the fame hungry leaders don’t know when to take their costumes off.’

A crop of some of modern history’s biggest political figure has been turned up in drag.

On Hoax’s website leaders like Putin, Obama and Bin Laden are given creative names such as Vladdy Pushin’, Baricka O’Bisha and Ossie B’.

The image that has gathered most negative comments on social media is the controversial portrayal of King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, now known as ‘Queen Abby’.

The King is considered a model leader in the Arab world and according to some users the picture is unacceptable.

Queen Abby (King Abdallah)

Madame O’ Sane (Saddam Hussein)

Georgia Buchette (George Bush)

Ossie B’ (Osama bin Laden)

Baricka O’Bisha (Barack Obama)

Hitleria Hysteria (Adolf Hitler)