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Putin, penises and power-Voguers: What you missed at Milkshake

Putin, penises and power-Voguers: What you missed at Milkshake

Three (and a half) words don’t do justice to this year’s Milkshake music and dance festival in Amsterdam.

The annual party bash that welcomes DJs from around the world (this year saw Boy George, Jonny Woo and Ulta Naté spin some tunes) is so much more than just a dance rave: It’s a celebration ‘For all those who love’.

That means gay, straight, young, old, curvy and crazy are all welcome to the party.

There was a blow-up Putin doll strong man game where guests could come and go head-to-head with the Russian president.


Photo by Jean Paul Zapata

Men’s selfies of their lower halves were blown up and pasted on to a massive erect pillar in the middle of a field (sorry, no pictures yet…). But there WAS a penis-shaped mechanical bull…

There was an AMAZING array of vogue dancers, who didn’t let a little summer rain dampen the runway as they twerked and turned for the masses.


Photo by Vivian Raaijmaakers

Party-goers from over 30 countries attended the festival, and while last year’s photos tickled our fancy, the photos rolling in from this year’s party give our readers a behind-the-scenes look at the beauty of Milkshake (and check out more photos via Milkshake Facebook).

Until next year!