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Qantas bans anti-gay Cardinal from VIP lounge after child sex conviction

Qantas bans anti-gay Cardinal from VIP lounge after child sex conviction

George Pell arrives for sentencing in Melbourne (Photo: Twitter)

Australia’s major airline, Qantas, has removed Catholic Cardinal from an invite-only lounge after his conviction for child sex charges.

Cardinal George Pell is the most senior Vatican official to convicted of child sex offences. In March a court in Melbourne, Australia sentenced him to six years in jail for assaulting two choir boys in 1996. He faces a non-parole period of three years and eight months.

Pell vocally opposed marriage equality and ‘homosexuality’. Before his sentencing he served as the Vatican’s the third highest ranked clergyman in the role Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy (Treasurer).

The airline has since rescinded Pell’s invitation to the exclusive, invite-only Chairman’s Lounge. It is a very exclusive airport lounge frequented by celebrities, elite business people and federal politicians. Hollywood superstars, Hugh Jackman and John Travolta are also members.

Independent sources told the Daily Mail Qantas had dropped Pell as an invited guest of the lounge. But its member list is so exclusive, Qantas refuses to confirm who or not is on it.

Qantas’ Chairman’s Lounge offers members fine dining, upgrades and personal concierge services.

Openly gay chief of Qantas, Alan Joyce described it as ‘probably the most exclusive club in the country.’

‘Membership is very sought after and it’s a great asset for Qantas to utilise for our commercial endeavours,’ Joyce told Australian Business Traveller.