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Coca Cola, Qantas, Ben & Jerry’s and other businesses celebrate Australia voting ‘yes’

Coca Cola, Qantas, Ben & Jerry’s and other businesses celebrate Australia voting ‘yes’

Coca Cola erected a giant billboard in Sydney in the run-up to the same-sex marriage vote (Coca Cola | Twitter)

Australia has voted in favor of marriage equality, and the pressure is now on the Government to act upon the vote before taking a Christmas break.

The results (61% in favor and 38.4% against) were broadcast at open-air parties around the country this morning, prompting widespread jubilation among the Australian LGBTI communities and their allies.

The ‘yes’ campaign has been supported by many big corporates – some of who were quick to react on their social media accounts.

This included Qantas, led by its gay CEO, Alan Joyce – who faced personal criticism for publicly supporting the ‘Yes’ campaign.

After the results were announced, Qantas changed its logo online to include a rainbow and tweeted a message saying: ‘Here at Qantas, we are proud to support Australian Marriage Equality’

The Australian social media accounts of cosmetics brand Lush also turned rainbow, with the simple message #YesForEquality and #YesForLove

It posted a statement on Facebook saying: ‘LUSH always have and always will be a strong and proud supporter of the LGBTQI+ community. It has brought us enormous joy to hear a loud and clear YES for marriage equality from the Australian public.

‘While today is about well-deserved celebration, we need to ensure our politicians follow through and truly represent the will of the people!

‘We want to reiterate that all LUSH stores are a safe space. To our friends within the LGBTQI+ community – we hear you, we support you, and we will continue to fight until we see positive social change for all.’

Twitter streamed the results live, and Twitter Open (its LGBTI account), celebrated the result immediately.

Bank Australia also changed its social media logo to include a rainbow and posted: ‘YES! Thrilled to see the result of the marriage equality postal survey. Let’s do this Australia!’

Ben & Jerry’s grabbed headlines for its support of same-sex marriage down under – barring customers from ordering two scoops of ice-cream of the same flavor in Australian stores until equal marriage became law.

It tweeted: ‘Love truly wins in Australia today! The support for equal love has shone through. Next step: reject discrimination and make Marriage Equality fair and legal!’

The support of corporates in backing LGBTI rights is helping spread equality to parts of the world where they lack protective legislation. The official Australian Marriage Equality campaign had the support of over 800 corporate partners, besides non-profits, faith groups, small businesses and academic institutions.

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