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Qantas CEO donates $1 million of his own money to marriage equality

Qantas CEO donates $1 million of his own money to marriage equality

The CEO of Qantas Airways, Alan Joyce, has just made the biggest individual contribution to Australia’s marriage equality campaign.

The openly gay CEO has long been a vocal supporter of marriage equality. He even copped a pie to the face from a marriage equality opponent in May.

It was just revealed he is donating AU$1 million (US$802,298) of his own money to the ‘yes’ campaign.

Australia is currently holding a non-binding postal survey on marriage equality. Australians are being asked whether they want the law changed to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Last month Joyce told The Australian newspaper he planned to make a significant donation to the ‘yes’ campaign to ensure marriage equality becomes a reality.

Big business back ‘yes’

‘There are 1300 companies that have published their logo to support marriage equality including all the banks, all the airlines and I believe that those companies should go out there and support it,’ Joyce said.

‘They have given their logos and support to that campaign before and I have no doubt a large element of the business community will be out there supporting this campaign.’

Other influential Australian businesses to support marriage equality during the postal survey include Australia’s richest man, Anthony Pratt.

The carboard mogul runs the Visy empire, saying both he and his company support marriage equality.

Cardboard billionaire and Australia’s richest man Anthony Pratt led the charge, declaring he and his Visy empire were in favour of marriage equality.

‘The reason is I believe that people have the right to pursue the life they choose. We are happy to lend our voice to this cause,’ he told Fairfax Media.

‘I think the job of business is firstly to create jobs and secondly to do good in society – this issue is part of that second category.’

But Equality Campaign director Tiernan Brady said while the ‘yes’ team has a lot of corporate support, it does not get that many large financial donations.

‘We haven’t received any significant corporate donations,’ he said.

‘We’d be surprised if we get $100,000.’