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Queen Latifah is seen kissing another woman while at the beach – What does it mean?

Queen Latifah is seen kissing another woman while at the beach – What does it mean?

Photos have surfaced of Queen Latifah kissing another woman on the lips as they held hands over the weekend.

In another photo, Latifah has her arm slug around the unidentified woman’s neck.

Could this be the actress, singer and talk show host’s way of coming out publicly?

Not likely.

Similar photos were published a few years ago of Latifah with another woman and she refused then to comment on the ensuing speculation.

Earlier this year, some found it curious that Latifah performed a mass wedding ceremony at the Grammys involving many same-sex couples without commenting on how LGBTI equality impacts her personally.

‘It was a beautiful moment and not a political decision,’ she told JET Magazine last spring. ‘I knew it would make a statement and I’m fine with the statement it made.’

She told the magazine that it was falling in love that helped her to feel alive again after the loss of her brother in a motorcycle accident.

‘I believed it ruined my life,’ she said. ‘I probably had a five-year interruption in any type of personal growth. There were some things I didn’t learn in my twenties because I was disconnected emotionally. I could only get so close or feel so much.’

She was finally able to move forward because ‘I fell in love. It was like a circuit breaker had switched off.’

Latifah, of course, did not say who she fell in love with.

When she launched her syndicated talk show last fall, she told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘I don’t feel the need to discuss my private life on this show or any other show. There’s the part of my life that the public and I share together. And there’s the part that’s mine to keep for myself. And that’s mine. For me.’

Anderson Cooper had taken a similar stance when he launched his syndicated daytime talk show three years ago. But shortly before the start of the second season, he came out publicly as a gay man and regularly talked about it on the now-canceled show from that point on.

Ellen DeGeneres has been open about her sexuality since she launched her show more than a decade ago while Rosie O’Donnell was open when she started on The View after being closeted during the six year run of The Rosie O’Donnell Show.