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Queen urged to break her silence on gay Brits during Christmas message

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell calls the British monarchy is homophobic for never mentioning the word gay or lesbian

Queen urged to break her silence on gay Brits during Christmas message

Veteran activist Peter Tatchell is calling on Britain’s Queen to mention gays for the first time in her Christmas message.

Writing exclusively for Gay Star News, the gay rights campaigner accuses the monarchy of homophobia ‘by default’ for never using the word gay in Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign.

He adds if Her Majesty does finally use the elusive ‘G-word’ in tomorrow’s (25 December) speech, which will for the first time be broadcast in 3D, it will be a ‘milestone’ and a ‘powerful symbol of establishment acceptance’.

‘While I doubt that Elizabeth II is a raging homophobe, not once in her 60-year reign has she publicly affirmed the existence of LGBT people or gay members of her own royal family,’ Tatchell says.

‘While politicians and parents all over the country have accepted us, the Queen has turned her back on queens.’

Tatchell calls her ‘neglect’ of her gay subjects ‘offensive’ and says while she supports many good caused she has ‘ignored’ major charities such as Stonewall Housing and the Albert Kennedy Trust.

‘As head of state, the Queen is supposed to represent and embrace all British people, not just some,’ Tatchell commented.

‘How much longer will the LGBT community have to wait for royal recognition and acceptance?’

GSN contacted the Buckingham Palace press office but they refused to comment.

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