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Queen’s first gay footman demoted for ‘courting publicity’

Queen’s first gay footman demoted for ‘courting publicity’

The Queen’s first openly gay footman has quit his role after Royal Household management demoted him for ‘courting publicity’.

Ollie Roberts, 21, made headlines as the Queen Elizabeth II’s first gay footman. The Queen’s Footman travels in the carriage alongside the Queen.

Roberts made his first public appearance in the Trooping the Colour in London.

But royal management demoted him recently to an ordinary footman role, because stories about him had appeared in a number of gay press.

The Sun reported a ‘royal insider’ said the palace believed Roberts orchestrated a lot of his publicity.

‘Ollie was informed he had been overdoing the press stuff and they knew he was behind articles and gossip pieces,’ the insider said.

‘They told him his profile was becoming too high and he wasn’t there to draw attention to himself.

‘He thought about it for a couple of days then decided he should quit. He feels badly let down when he was proud to be gay in such a good job.’

After his demotion Roberts could no longer pass the Queen blankets. He also could no longer walk her dog, taker her mail or be seen near her in public.

Despite demoting Roberts, the British Royal Family have publicly supported LGBTI rights in recent years.

Just last week, the Queen’s second cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten, became the first member of the Royal Family to marry someone of the same-sex. Mountbatten married his partner James Coyle at a private chapel in Devon.

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