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Queer comedian Joe Lycett slams Birmingham MP

Queer comedian Joe Lycett slams Birmingham MP

Joe Lycett at the opening of his kitchen extension (Photo: Twitter)

Queer comedian Joe Lycett has slammed a Labour MP who backed anti-LGBTI protesters in Birmingham.

In an open letter, Lycett invited Roger Godsiff on a night out to see how ‘loving, joyous and normal’ the LGBT community is.

Godsiff on Tuesday said five-year-olds were too young to learn about same-sex parents.

There have been months of protests outside schools with LGBTI-inclusivity programs in Birmingham.

Godsiff appeared to back the protesters.

‘I have seen the cover of some of the books’ Godsiff also said on Tuesday. ‘I understand why parents have concerns’.

But Lycett, who is from Godsiff’s constituency, urged the MP to explain ‘what you are doing to make LGBT people like me in your constituency feel like they aren’t being treated as second class citizens’.

Lycett, a stand-up comedian who regularly appears on BBC one and two, has talked about being bisexual and pansexual in his acts.

He previously said the LGBTI community has a ‘problem’ with the way it communicates issues.

What did Lycett write?

‘Me again!’ Lycett wrote. ‘I was the constituent who emailed back in 2013 asking for you to reconsider voting against gay marriage. You dismissed my email and voted against it anyway.’

‘And now here we are, 6 years later, and protests are happening outside a school in your constituency against children being taught about LGBT relationships.’

‘Not sex, just relationships – that relationships aren’t always between a man and a woman. You were seemingly silent on the matter before stating today that you are actually in favour of the protests.’

Lycett continued: ‘Despite you voting against it, gay marriage is now legal. I have since been to some really fun gay weddings and also some incredibly boring ones (no offence to Deb and Claire, but the speeches were unbearable). But they were all loving, joyous and normal.’

He said the LGBT community in Birmingham was also ‘loving, joyous and normal.’

‘I’d love you to see that’ he wrote, and invited the MP on a night out in Birmingham.

‘We can start at mine for pre-drinks, in my kitchen extension if you like (it was opened last week by The Lord Mayor!)’ He wrote.

‘Then we’ll go on to The Village, preferably on a night when my mate Ginny Lemon is performing; she does an astonishing tribute to Cilla Black. Then, if you’ve got the stamina we could go to The Nightingale for a dance, or head straight to a late dinner at King Kebab.’

He concluded by saying: ‘So perhaps you could just take a little time to explain, as my MP, what you are doing to make LGBT people like me in your constituency feel like they aren’t being treated as second class citizens.’

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