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Queer Eye’s AJ married his boyfriend and our hearts can’t take it

Queer Eye’s AJ married his boyfriend and our hearts can’t take it

The new Queer Eye cast

Remember AJ, the star of the fourth episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye?

He was the gay guy that wowed the Fab 5 with coming out to his stepmom and his incredibly hot transformation.

You might be thrilled to know that AJ has now married his partner, Andre.

Queer Eye fans celebrate the news

Queer Eye fans have been celebrating the news online.

Piya on Twitter said: ‘I broke down so many times watching this episode, SO happy for these two! #queereye #loveisreal’

Lauren said: ‘I WANNA CRY OMG. I cried so much watching that episode of AJ coming out and now he’s married I can’t deal with that show.’

Hailey said: ‘First Tom & Abby and now AJ & Andre!! Next up, me(?) #fab5plsfindmelove.’

Sonyay said: ‘Good news about people who were on QE is my favorite kind of news.’

Another Twitter user said: ‘YES! So happy for these 2! Their episode sold me on the show. #LoveWins #PrideMonth’


Another success for the Fab 5

Tom and Abby from Queer Eye abby has her hand on Tom's stomach
Tom and Abby from Queer Eye. | Photo: Twitter

AJ and Andre are not the show’s only success story.

Tom Jackson was the first cab off the rank for the Netflix series and stole everyone’s hearts with his kind manner and enthusiasm to be made over.

His objective in the episode was to win back his ‘third ex-wife’ Abby Parr. Things seemed to go well after the episode shot in the 2017 summer.

Then Tom announced on Twitter that the pair had split up in September last year and proceeded to post multiple, heartbreaking photos of the pair.

But then in a twist no one was expecting, Tom revealed the couple were engaged and planned to get married again.

‘She will always be the love of my life. I will always love her more than anything!!!!!!!’ Tom wrote about Abby on Twitter.

Season 2 hits Netflix on 15 June.