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The Queer Liberation March is New York’s alternative to corporate Pride

The Queer Liberation March is New York’s alternative to corporate Pride

The banner leading the Queer Liberation March

This year, a group known as the Reclaim Pride Coalition organized an alternate march on the same day as New York City Pride. The Queer Liberation March was created in response to how increasingly corporate the main Pride parade has gotten over the years.

What is the Reclaim Pride Coalition?

‘As far as the Reclaim Pride Coalition in New York City, it began from a resistance contingent that marched in the 2017 and 2018 Heritage of Pride parades,’ explains Reclaim Pride Coalition organizer Carli Rhoades. ‘[It] became a group that just decided we needed to do something about the prioritization of corporations and police over community members.’

‘Pride parades started as a protest and a revolution,’ writes Ann Northrup, another organizer for the Queer Liberation March. ‘It may be hard to remember, but 50 years ago, when the rebellion against police harassment happened at the Stonewall Inn, LGBTQ people were still largely invisible. We were hiding from a larger world that stigmatized, brutalized and rejected us. The Stonewall Uprising demanded American institutions, especially law enforcement, stop this brutality and intolerance.’

‘Those marches changed the world. But now they’ve evolved into corporate parties.’

The Queer Liberation March

The March began in NYC’s West Village and marched up 6th Avenue, into Central Park. There were chants of  ‘Off the sidewalks and into the streets!’ Along the way, the estimated 45,000 attendees performed acts of resistance. For instance, on 23rd Street, in collaboration with ACT UP, they held a die-in to represent the 17 HIV+ asylum seekers who died in ICE custody.

When the marchers passed Chick fil A, they taped a big pink ‘X’ over the window, reading ‘Fuck Haters.’

Why it matters

GSN spoke to one of the attendees, Kelly Shannon, a 22-year-old from Connecticut about why she chose to join this alternate march as opposed to the main Pride parade.

‘I’m choosing this march because for me pride is about collective, radical queer liberation, not rainbow capitalism,’ Shannon says. ‘The Queer Liberation March has no cops, no corporate floats, and no BS. It’s about rejecting corporations’ attempts to manipulate our community, and rejecting the police as violent state apparatus that continues to terrorize members of our community.’

‘I heard recently that NYPD is attempting to “apologize” for what happened at Stonewall 50 years ago – but how can you apologize when queer folx continue to be victims of police brutality and the carceral state? For me the queer lib march is about honoring our history – a history marked by resistance.’

Pics & Videos

Watch the Queer Liberation March’s livestream and check out our exclusive pictures of the March below.

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