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Queer roller derby film seeks crowd-funding

Documentary showcasing the counter-culture craze of queer roller derby in the US seeks $5,000 to finish

Queer roller derby film seeks crowd-funding

A documentary about the growing craze of queer roller derby is seeking crowd-funding.

The Vagine Regime, made by LA-based filmmaker Erica Tremblay, reports on a subculture of roller derby  in the US of the same name.

Since the early 2000s, a punk, tongue-in-cheek, DIY culture has emerged in all-female roller derby, a sport that may join the Olympics in 2020.

Tremblay’s film interviews queer roller derby players and discusses accepting transwomen into all-female teams.

‘This is already a sport that is pushing boundaries for women and I’m not going to come in and take away from this thing that is already counter-culture and against the grain of how people believe women should behave,’ says a transwoman whose roller derby name is Fifi Nomenon.

‘There was the whole argument of transgender players potentially being bigger, stronger, faster and I think that’s just bullshit because I want to play the biggest, strongest, fastest,’ says another queer roller derby player.

‘Playing roller derby has really made me feel accepted and that I can be whoever I want and that I can like whoever I want,’ says lesbian player Killa Nois.

The project has already raised over $30,000 on and has three days to raise $5,000 more.

The trend of transwomen being accepting into all-female roller derby teams has also hit the UK, as shown in the video for the Pet Shop Boys’ latest single Winner.

Watch a video about The Vagine Regime documentary here:

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