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Queer singer Kehlani honored ahead of National Coming Out Day

Queer singer Kehlani honored ahead of National Coming Out Day


US singer Kehlani has called for the elevation of trans women of color as she is honored for her work on LGBTI issues.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) honored Kehlani and other celebrities ahead of National Coming Out Day (NCOD) on 11 October. Its new digital campaign highlights inspirational stories of celebrities and influencers who have come out over the past year.

Kehlani came out as queer in the past year and quickly took to using her platform to support LGBTI causes. In April this year, she donated US$50,000 to LGBTI charities across the US.

Also honor those with no platform

Kehlani took to Twitter to thanks HRC for the honor. She also acknowledged the hard work of people on the ‘front line’ of activism.

‘(sic) i’m honored i make any sort of difference. directing praise and honor for being some sort of “icon” in a space of activism towards people who do 100x more for us as a community & won’t ever get the support i do because i have a following, is just what i believe is right. ily (I love you) tho!’ she wrote.

The singer also took the opportunity to call on people to help amplify the voices of trans women of color.

‘we need more black trans women honored by huge corps and platforms as being “queer icons”. we need more queer POC standing up against homophobic governments in other countries honored. so if they won’t be directly honored, those who are, should take a moment to nod that way,’ she wrote.

HRC president, Chad Griffin, said out celebrities gave important visibility to the community.

‘Coming out can be one of the most courageous acts an LGBTQ person makes, and that courage is inextricably tied to our continued progress toward full equality,’ Griffin said.

‘Visibility matters, and research shows that when people know someone who is LGBTQ, they are far more likely to support full equality under the law. Coming out and sharing our stories is essential to advancing LGBTQ equality and fighting back against attempts to turn back the clock on our progress.’