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This LGBTI British festival promises to surround you with queer magic

This LGBTI British festival promises to surround you with queer magic

Queer Spirit Festival in 2017.

Interested in spirituality? Then this summer festival in the UK might be the one for you.

Queer Spirit Festival takes place in Whittlebury Hall, Towcester, Northamptonshire from 14 to 18 August 2019.

Now in its third year, Queer Spirit promises five days of community, pleasure, play, and enrichment for body, mind and soul in the countryside. It also provides an accessible camping space for 600 people, and activities for young people and LGBTI families.

The festival features ceremonies, performance, workshops, dance parties, fire circles, drumming and a strictly over 18 sacred sexuality temple.

There will be group ceremonies to kick off the festival, connecting participants to the nature around them.

Sexuality and pagan magic workshops

People in a circle at Queer Spirit Festival.
Photo: Mike Kear

Workshop themes include spiritual practice, health and healing, pagan magic, activism, crafts, dance and movement, sexuality and spirit mysteries.

At night, there will be drumming and dancing around the central fire. The festival also promises several occasions to meet LGBTI people of many ages, genders, and backgrounds, and engage in a wide range of spiritual and magical practices.

Claiming back the LGBTI spirituality

Queer Spirit aims to claim back the spiritual queer power and bring people together to celebrate their individuality.

‘Now we are claiming our spirituality, coming out as witches, shamans, healers, sex magicians, holy fools, sacred intimates, horny yogis and lovers of the earth,’ said the organizers.

They also highlight that the decriminalization of gay sex in India has recently shed a light on Hindu culture. It used to celebrate the sacred in all forms of sexuality, for example celebrating Hijras, a term to refer to trans people, as holy beings.

Moreover, sex magic was part of the practice of the year’s cycles in pagan cultures across Europe as well. Particularly, same-sex practices were often an integral part of ceremonies and people who crossed over or lived between binary genders seen as holding great power.

More info and tickets available here.

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