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Radio host asks Julia Gillard if her partner is gay, as he cuts hair

Radio host asks Julia Gillard if her partner is gay, as he cuts hair

An Australian radio host is to be taken off the air after asking Prime Minister Julia Gillard if her partner is gay.

Today (13 June), Howard Sattler quizzed the political leader on the rumors surrounding Tim Mathieson’s sexuality.

The Australian political leader has often used the example of her relationship as why she does not support same-sex marriage, saying two people can be together and not be married.

Sattler said: ‘But you hear it, “He must be gay, he’s a hairdresser”.’

‘I mean Howard, I don’t know if every silly thing that gets said is going to be repeated to me now,’ Gillard replied.

‘To all the hairdressers out there, including the men who are listening, I don’t think in life one can actually look at a whole profession full of different human beings and say “gee, we know something about every one of those human beings.’

Sattler continued to question the Prime Minister, saying he was promised a ‘candid’ interview.

‘You can confirm he’s not [gay]?’ he asked.

‘Oh Howard don’t be ridiculous, of course not,’ Gillard replied.

‘But you’re in a heterosexual relationship? That’s all I’m asking.’

‘Howard let me just bring you back to earth, you and I have just talked about me and Tim living at the lodge, we live there together as a couple, you know that.’

Fairfax Radio announced Sattler now faces an internal inquiry, describing Sattler’s questioning as ‘disrespectful and irrelevant to the political debate.’

They also apologized to Gillard and Mathieson.

Check out the video below: