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Radio host doubts Christians called Kansas waiter a ‘fag’

Radio host doubts Christians called Kansas waiter a ‘fag’

Sandy Rios knows Christians. The American Family Association radio has serious doubts about the late October story about a Christian couple refusing to tip a gay waiter and calling him a ‘fag’.

‘I smell a rat in this story,’ Rios said, according to Right Wing Watch. ‘The language is foul. I don’t believe a Christian couple wrote this note,’ she later added.

Of course she has no proof for this conspiracy theory, but adds a nugget of truthiness only a secular, God hating, liberal would ignore.

‘I think it was a ruse because it was the week ENDA was being voted on,’ Rios says.

So a nameless waiter in Kansas, who had no worries about discrimination from his boss (his mother also works at the restaurant), composed a fake letter to get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act through the US Senate?

Rios loves to spout things that lack any proof, or are weakly connected to stubborn things called facts. This past March, she suggested former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a lesbian. The proof? Clinton’s support of marriage equality.

GSN loves Rios for never being ashamed to share her loopy ideas!

Have a listen to the Right Wing Watch clip:

e Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)