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iPhone users can now send rainbow flag emojis to all their friends (and foes)

iPhone users can now send rainbow flag emojis to all their friends (and foes)

Apple's new iOS 10 finally features the rainbow flag emoji

After weeks of waiting, Apple users can (finally!) send rainbow flag emojis to their friends and family.

As of yesterday (13 September), the company’s new operating system, iOS 10, is being rolled out to iPhone users around the world.

With the update, users are just faced with a whole host of new functions, including raise to wake, and a complete overhaul of the lock screen and control center interfaces.

Apple also gave its emojis a bit of a facelift and introduced a number of new additions, including a rather cute rainbow flag.

In case you can’t find it: it’s hidden in the emoji keyboard’s ‘object’ section, rather than with the other flags.

For whichever reason, the flag takes up four characters instead of just one – but looking at twitter, that doesn’t seem to diminish people’s enjoyment.

Emojis have also include gender inclusive: the famous 💁🏼 got her male counterpart, for example, and that’s been applied across the board, from families to athlete emojis.

And if you never felt your family was aptly represented, you might want to reconsider: with the update, single parents now feature, as well as same-sex couples with children.

But the most satisfying thing, beyond finally having the rainbow flag?

Every Apple-device owning homophobe on this planet also has it – and they can’t get rid of it.