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Rainbow flag is ‘pact with the devil’ says ex-gay Italian author

Rainbow flag is ‘pact with the devil’ says ex-gay Italian author

In a bizarre interview for Catholic blog Notizie Provita (‘Pro-life news’) ‘ex-gay’ author Luca di Tolve shared some… interesting thoughts about homosexuality.

‘When I was gay’ he said, ‘there was always somehow… the feeling of sneaking around.

‘[It was] because Lucifer is the most powerful of all the angels, and so you can listen to him,’ he said. And that by listening to Lucifer homosexuals can block out the ‘light’ of Catholicism.

Satan then leads people like di Tolve into ‘pain and despair’ with his false promises.

So far, so totally expected from a Catholic fundamentalist.

But di Tolve has some other – very specific – interpretations of homosexuality and the bible.

‘The rainbow flag, designed by a homosexual activist, is the flag of gay pride [and] the rainbow is the covenant between God and Noah.

‘The colors printed on the flag are reversed – and so it’s a sort of pact with the devil.’

Of course *smacks forehead*. Why haven’t I noticed it before?

Apart from, the colours aren’t reversed. Either he’s been staring at some upside flags, or some upside rainbows.

Which… isn’t totally impossible, I suppose. The author of the very suspect tome ‘I was gay’ (‘Ero gay’) is famous simply for claiming to have ‘cured’ his homosexuality, and being claimed by fundamentalists in his native Italy as proof homosexuality is a choice.

In his book he talks about being guilty of ‘every vice’ – drugs, unsafe sex, homosexuality – before being saved by Catholic fundamentalism and the broadcasts of Catholic radio station, Radio Maria.

There are plenty of people who are skeptical of di Tolve’s salvation however; and who believe he might be making it all up for that sweet, sweet denaro.