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Rami Malek: Freddie Mercury’s ghost didn’t want me to know about Bryan Singer

Rami Malek: Freddie Mercury’s ghost didn’t want me to know about Bryan Singer

Rami Malek was awarded for his portrayal of bisexual rockstar Freddie Mercury (Photo: Twitter)

Rami Malek believes Freddie Mercury’s ghost may have stopped him from knowing about the allegations facing Bryan Singer.

The Oscar-nominated actor has finally addressed the controversy surrounding Bohemian Rhapsody.

Singer was the original director of the Queen biopic. He was discharged from the production two weeks before the end of shooting and replaced by Dexter Fletcher.

This week four men have come forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Singer when they were underage.

‘There’s a bunch of us,’ says one man quoted in The Atlantic investigation. ‘It’s like, “You were one of Singer’s boys? Me too.”’

The director has faced these kinds of allegations for years. These have begun to gain traction since the #MeToo movement following the revelations around former Miramax boss, Harvey Weinstein.

Singer has not been charged, arrested or found guilty of any of these claims.

Actors in Bohemian Rhapsody have been criticized for not addressing Singer. During the Golden Globes, Singer was not mentioned in any speech given by Malek or producers.

Rami Malek addresses Bryan Singer issues

Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody
Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody | Photo: 20th Century Fox

And now, Malek has finally addressed the issue.

He believes that Freddie himself may have something to do with it.

Malek told the LA Times: ‘As far as I knew, I was considered before Bryan was even attached. So I had my head down preparing for this for about a year ahead of time, and I never really looked up.

‘I didn’t know much about Bryan. I think that the allegations and things were, believe it or not, honestly something I was not aware of, and that is what it is.

‘Who knows what happens with that … but I think somehow we found a way to persevere through everything that was thrown our way.’

And then he brings up Freddie Mercury’s ghost.

‘Perhaps that was Freddie himself doing it, because we wanted to make a product that was worthy of him.

‘Who knows? I’m just proud that this cast and crew collectively raised their game and we depended on one another.

‘It was a testament to everyone’s spirit and courage and skill.

‘And one thing I will say about everyone — almost everyone — we never gave up. How about that?’

Criticism online

On social media, some have criticized Malek. One Twitter user described him as a delusional ‘abuse enabler’.

Others have also defended Malek.

‘He’s not saying Freddie shielded him from knowing about Singer,’ one said.

‘He’s saying he didn’t know (honestly I had no idea about Singer until recently) and the collective effort of everyone else to want to make a film in honor of Freddie, despite Singer’s on set, persevered.’