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Randy Rainbow mocks ‘very stable genius’ Trump in hilarious new parody

Randy Rainbow mocks ‘very stable genius’ Trump in hilarious new parody

Randy Rainbow in new video

Randy Rainbow is back with his newest song parody mocking Donald Trump and his administration.

In his new video, Randy takes on the number I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General from 1879’s comic opera The Pirates of Penzance.

The new take, however, imagines Trump not as a model of a modern major-general, but as a ‘very stable genius’. This is a direct quote from Trump himself.

Randy’s trademark satire is biting and hilarious. With this newest song, he takes shots as Trump’s apparent loyalty to Putin, the way he treats US allies like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and his policy of separating immigrant families.

The main lyric of the song is: ‘And though his brain is smaller than his tiny little penius/He is the very model of a very stable genius.’

‘He’s always been a pro at things like violating protocols/And reproducing other egotistical neanderthals,’ he sings over a picture of Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric Trump.

Then he continues: ‘To all our greatest allies he decides to say “get outta here”/While doing all he can to satisfy his daddy Vladimir.’

One of the funniest bits is when Randy misspeaks and sings ‘Melanie’ instead of Melania, based on, yet again, one of Trump’s tweets.

Taking down politics one parody at a time

Randy Rainbow is one of Trump’s most vocal — and musically-inclined — critics.

His past videos include All About That Base, Desperate Cheetoh, and a Broadway-inspired number about ‘covefefe‘.

Sure, Randy isn’t going around enacting legislation or anything but his videos are smart, on-point, and highly entertaining. They’re an easily palatable way of digesting some of the criticism around Trump and his administration.

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