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WATCH: Randy Rainbow’s new parody ‘All About His Base’ slams Trump

WATCH: Randy Rainbow’s new parody ‘All About His Base’ slams Trump

Randy Rainbow in his newest parody video

Randy Rainbow is back with another one of his hilarious parody videos.

This time, he’s taking Meghan Trainor’s hit single All About That Bass to criticize Donald Trump. He changed the song title to All About That Base, singing about Trump’s core supporters.

As with all of Rainbow’s parodies, the new lyrics are clever, funny, and perfectly fit the song.

He starts the video singing: ‘Because you know he’s all about his base, ’bout his base, no feelings/He’s all about his base and his own self-dealings.’

A slew of parodies

As is one of his trademarks for his parody videos, halfway through the song, he has an interlude to interview Kellyanne Conway. He dons his fabulous pink glasses (complete with rhinestones) and brilliantly cuts footage of Conway for a fake conversation.

Rainbow has gained plenty of popularity for his parody videos with a political twist.

However, since the 2016 election and Trump taking office, his videos have become even more hard-hitting.

Previously, he used both Wicked and The Book of Mormon to mock Trump. He also turned the infamous word ‘covfefe’ into a big Broadway medley.

Trump isn’t his only target. Last year during the critical Alabama election, he made a video about Republican Roy Moore with the help of The Sound of Music.