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Rapper Azealia Banks considers herself bisexual

Rapper Azealia Banks considers herself bisexual

Rapper Azealia Banks, whose hit 212 has gained her famous fans like Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow, said this week that she considers herself to be bisexual.

'I’m not trying to be, like, the bisexual, lesbian rapper,' she tells The New York Times. 'I don’t live on other people’s terms.'

The 20 year old from Harlem with a unique fashion sense gained attention through the black-and-white video she made for 212 which caught on via YouTube and has more than three million views.

This has led to a deal with Universal Music, signed just two weeks ago, and plans to release her first album this spring.

Banks was unsigned in September 2011 when she released 212 as a free digital download from her website. It was officially released last December.

In the 212 video, she is wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater, cut off denim shorts and has her hair in pig tails. She's already a fashion star because of it with V magazine, Elle, and T: The New York Times Style Magazine, all doing fashion spreads on her.

'Life is the same' she tells The Times. 'It would be the same thing if I were still working at Starbucks, having to deal with a manager, and a shift manager. This is a job.'