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‘Raw’ short film explores two gay men’s quest for love

‘Raw’ short film explores two gay men’s quest for love

Two gay men embark on a one-night stand in a new short film that explores the search for love in the modern world.

‘Battlefield’ is the name of a new short produced by Alexander Edwards and directed by Tim Marshall, a past winner of the Iris Prize – an international gay and lesbian short film award.

This raw and honest film is about two young gay men who struggle to realise the connection they long for. It’s a story about finding love and how we often wish and convince ourselves that we’ve found it.

Tim Marshall, the award-winning director said: ‘This is a very personal film to me and I made it at a time when I was asking these questions in my own life.’

‘This “idea of love” has always existed but these days it seems harder to obtain. The idea now seems diluted. Like you have to “play it cool” until all reveals itself to be safe and then you can reveal what you really want.’

Alexander Edwards, producer of ‘Battlefield’, adds: ‘The film has an earnestness to it that you rarely see in a short film.

‘Most audiences come away feeling awkward because they’ve gone on an uncomfortable journey with these two characters. It’s no love story, but life rarely is.’

The short film was screened in Australia, Europe, Asia and America, and was also a finalist for the 2012 Iris Prize.

The film might not be suitable for work: it contains simulated masturbation and swear words. Check it out below: