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Read how these Christians respond to gay adoption

Read how these Christians respond to gay adoption

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Christians have shared their uplifting responses to the question of what will happen to the world if same-sex couples are allowed to adopt.

In a Facebook post, Believe Out Loud, an online network for LGBTI Christians, explained there are five times more LGBTI parents willing to adopt than there are children in foster care.

In an attempt to spread the word, they invited their followers to complete the sentence: ‘By allowing LGBTQ families to adopt, we are ______’ – and have elicited hundreds of supportive responses.

Responses ranged from two word answers to longer essays and personal stories, but the overwhelming message was one of love, tolerance and support.

‘Making families’, ‘Expanding love’, ‘Allowing more children to be loved’ and ‘Doing the right thing’ were some of the shorter answers, with each prompting multiple likes and replies.

Deborah Sue Prater summed up the responses with her eloquent completion of the sentence: ‘By allowing LGBTQ families to adopt we are acknowledging, supporting, and accepting that good parenting is based upon ability to love, care, nurture, and put the needs of children first, not gender, lifestyle preference or sexual orientation.’

Alfie Malave Marcial, who is soon to adopt a son with her partner, added: ‘We have to focus on what’s best for the children.’

‘Having gay parents is not wrong or a sin, but not letting a child be part of a loving family is.

Thank you God for giving us our little boy.’

The thread became so positive that one user, Alfredio Diaz, felt compelled to try and ridicule anti-gay fundamentalists with a satirical post:

‘By allowing LGBTQ families to adopt we are exposing children to perversion in an unfit household and they will go to hell for it!!’

‘This is the work of Satan-ah!!!

‘You are spitting in terms face of GOD-ah!!!’

Users, clearly expecting hatred and trolling, hit back at the post immediately:

‘I suppose you’d rather them rot in an orphanage?’ Kayla Murphy said.

‘Yeah, you are truly doing what God wants.’

Others continued with their positive messages, opting instead to share their tales of parenthood, rather than filling in the blanks.

Straight ally Maryanne Smith VanDeventer said: ‘My husband and I have 3 adopted children. We are not a LGBT family but we have seen way too many kids linger in foster care when they could have been adopted by a loving couple or person.’

‘Love is not about sexual orientation, it is about love and commitment to a child.’