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Real lesson of 9/11? Ban gay marriage, Christian author says

Real lesson of 9/11? Ban gay marriage, Christian author says

What was the real lesson of 9/11?  Well one Christian author believes the 11 September attacks back in 2001 were a ‘wakeup call’ to ban all same-sex marriages across America.

Jonathan Cahn, who appeared alongside televangelist Joni Lamb on Daystar to promote his new book The Harbinger.

In the book, he uses biblical prophecy about ancient Israel to say God ‘allowed’ 9/11 to take place because of the country’s sins.

In response to Lamb’s question about the three states who voted for marriage equality at the ballot box in November 2012, Cahn said we did not receive God’s message about 9/11.

He said, in video acquired by Right Wing Watch: ‘We’re watching rapidly since 9/11, America depart from God and it’s becoming, just like Israel did, it became almost like a pagan nation, we America are forgetting our foundation and it’s becoming almost the same as a pagan nation.

‘But to whom much is given, much is required; so if we go this route, God is warning and God is calling.’

In his January message, Cahn said the 2012 election, which saw President Barack Obama re-elected, will ‘accelerate’ divine judgment on America. Unless people start buying his book.

‘Until 2012, the proposal to end the biblical definition of marriage had never won a popular vote. Every time the issue had been raised in an election, the biblical definition of marriage had been upheld, 32 out of 32 times,’ he said.

‘That all changed in November 2012…for the first time in America’s history the majority of Americans declared their opposition to the biblical definition of marriage.’

Cahn added: ‘It’s hard not to agree that this was a huge turning point, a tipping point of a year. I don’t believe it’s an accident that it was in the same year, 2012, the year of this tipping point in America’s departure from God, that The Harbinger was released. The word of warning continues to go forth, and is coming true.’

Currently nine states – Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Washington – have legalized marriage equality.