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Record-breaking 1 in 7 same-sex couples adopting kids, new figures reveal

Record-breaking 1 in 7 same-sex couples adopting kids, new figures reveal

1 in 7 couples adopting kids are same-sex couples

There are a record number of same-sex couples adopting kids in England and Wales, according to new figures.

The figures reveal one in seven couples approved by social workers to adopt kids are in same-sex relationships.

In the study conducted by Wilsons, a private law firm that analyzed the figures, the number of gay couples applying for adoption increased from 510 in 2013-2014 to 586 last year. This is an increase of 13%.

Sarah Wood-Heath, associate lawyer at Wilsons said: ‘The door has really opened now for all kinds of individuals to start their own family,’ reports the Independent.

‘Same-sex adoptions are at a record high, and it may be that the legalisation of gay marriage in 2013 has been a catalyst for more same sex couples to adopt,’ she said.

Same-sex couples up, heterosexual couples down

Interestingly, the number of heterosexual couples adopting children dramatically dropped.

Figures show a drop of 4,914 to 3,561 in the same time frame, accounting for a 27% drop.

Wood-Heath suggested advancements in medical breakthroughs contributed to the drop in heterosexual people adopting kids.

Joseph, Matt and baby Theo
Joseph, Matt and baby Theo Matt DeLeva | Instagram

Tor Docherty, chief executive of adoption and fostering charity New Family Social: ‘It’s key in every adoption case that the needs of the child remain paramount and that agencies consider the full range of potential parents.

‘Although the total number of adoptions fell in England and Wales in 2016, it’s heartening to see that agencies continue to consider and successfully place children for adoption with same-sex couples,’ he told Gay Star News.

In 2002, the UK government granted rights for same-sex couples to legally adopt.

It is also one of 14 countries in the world where gay couples can adopt children, according to British LGBTI adoption site Pink Parents.