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Reddit user asks: 'Did anyone do gay sh*t as a kid and not know it was gay?'

From stashing secret magazines to lusting over your friend's siblings

Reddit user asks: 'Did anyone do gay sh*t as a kid and not know it was gay?'
Redditer asks how she didn't realise she was gay as a kid (Image:

One Reddit user gets upset when she thinks about how repressed her sexuality was as a kid. And judging by all of the hundreds of unique personal stories in response, she’s not alone.

Redditer MikenDyke wrote a long post reflecting on all the signs she was gay as a kid.

She started in a post: ‘Sometimes it makes me very upset that I didn’t know I was gay at a young age.’

Gay friends

Gay friends (Image: HelixStudios)

She then lists all of the things she’s noticed since coming out that prove she was always incredibly gay.

This includes playing house and never wanting a pretend husband, sleeping with girls at sleepovers, having posters or magazines stashed away in secret and staring at her friends’ mom and sisters.

‘A big ol homo’

But then there was this one girl on the bus.

MikenDyke explains: ‘I used to stare at this girl on the bus in middle school and I couldn’t understand why.

‘She would either sit by herself, or with this one girl would sit next to her and would always make her laugh. I was so intimidated to talk to her, and extremely jealous of her friend.

‘Well, one day I saw her and her friend walk into this classroom on Valentines Day. They were giving out free food if you sat for the meeting.

‘They smiled at each other and walked in. I found out it was a GSA [Genders and Sexualities Alliance] meeting, and I also found out I wasn’t faking it,’ she revealed.

‘Seven years of labels and here I am.

‘A big ol homo,’ she jokes.

Read the full post.

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Lesbian porn is PornHub’s most-popular content of all time (Image:

The post has hundreds of responses already, including: ‘As a kid, I used to make my Bratz dolls kiss each other.’

Another replied: ‘[I] made my parents watch the Little Mermaid over 50 times when I was 5 because (I now realize) I was in love with Ariel.’

Hindsight is 20/20. So what things do you remember from your childhood that now makes you think you were always a ‘big ol gay’?

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