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Bisexual model comes out because you should be ‘unapologetically you’

Bisexual model comes out because you should be ‘unapologetically you’

Model Reece King confirms he is bisexual | Photo: Instagram

Instagram famous and popular model Reece King has confirmed he is bisexual, in an interview with Gay Times.

King has spoken about his sexuality on his social media before. But now he has reconfirmed his identity after being fed up of being asked about it on social media:

‘I realized that whatever I said, it became a distraction. Anything I did or post online, people would just ask about who I’m interested in.

‘So I just built up this defense of saying “that’s not important.” But I guess it’s stuck with me because it really isn’t important so – now I just say “yeah, I am bisexual.”‘

'From Coitus Magazine Issue 9 🙊🌴' | Photo: Instagram @reeceking_
‘From Coitus Magazine Issue 9 🙊🌴’ | Photo: Instagram @reeceking_

Bi+ people suffer disproportionately higher mental and physical health issues compared to monosexual people.

But Reece believes that as people come out, barriers break down:

‘I think a lot more creative LGBTQ people have taken the limelight, especially on social media. We see them on mood boards at shoots for inspiration. If people just keep doing their thing unapologetically, it breaks down the barriers in more homophobic environments.’

Reece King with his dog Suko | Photo: Instagram @reeceking_
Reece King with his dog Suko | Photo: Instagram @reeceking_

The model describes becoming ‘Instagram famous’

And Reece has felt the pressures of amassing such a huge following, in such a short space of time:

‘When you’re posting something that you want to be the best, you want to see what the reception is. It can mess you up a little bit, headspace wise!’

Studies in the The Journal of Bisexuality, a professional quarterly of articles and essays, shows one in three bisexual men has considered or attempted suicide. They also quote studies that show higher rates of rape, violence, or stalking in bisexual men compared to gay men.

Moreover, Reece says: ‘It’s never good to have bad things said about you, you wouldn’t want it in the street, walking around, so you wouldn’t want it out there.’

'🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 shot by @smiggi styled by @kamranrajput' | Photo: Instagram @reeceking_
‘🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 shot by @smiggi styled by @kamranrajput’ | Photo: Instagram @reeceking_

With all of the extra pressures bi+ people face, Gay Star News this week launched ‘The Bi+ Manifesto.’ It is a global call for straight and gay people to take a stand with those who can fall in love with multiple genders.

Charlie Ann-Mathers, who headed up the creation of the manifesto with over 15o bi+ people from around the world says:

‘When speaking to bi people about the manifesto, there hasn’t been a single person who hasn’t said how amazing and important it is.’

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