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Comedian plants 'relationship saving station' in California IKEA

'No one can argue while wearing these stupid milk hats'

Comedian plants 'relationship saving station' in California IKEA
Facebook / Obvious Plant
A comedian planted a relationship saving station in a Californian IKEA store

Taking your better half to IKEA can be a relationship-trying adventure.

There have actually been studies into why couples fight so much when they visit the Swedish furniture emporium.

But that might soon be a thing of the past, if a comedian’s idea catches on.

Thanks to Obvious Plant, a Californian IKEA store now features a relationship saving station.

It is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to take the stress out of shopping for furniture, pillows, and anything else you’ll find while wandering the store.

And just by looking at it, we’re inclined to believe it might just work.

The station consists of five parts, all intended to make you let your anger out on something other than your partner.

Elsa jar saying 'let it go'

One option is to write what makes you angry on a slip of paper and put it into a glass with an image of Frozen’s Elsa on it.

Maybe blowing bubbles will help

The tagline is, of course, that she’ll help you ‘let it go’.

Or yell at this tiny horse

Alternatively, you could blow bubbles – and watch your angry thoughts just float away -, look at a puppy, or yell at a tiny horse instead of your partner.

The station also features pictures of a puppy

And if you really want to have it out with your other half, there is the suggestion of wearing two stupid hats, shaped like milk cartons, while doing so.

Could you really yell at your partner if they're wearing a milk carton hat?

The premise is that it’ll make the two of you look so ridiculous that you’ll be unable to take your argument seriously – if you can even argue, that is.

Sadly, they didn’t disclose which IKEA exactly the station was planted in.

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