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IS releases evil penal code, sodomy punished by death

IS releases evil penal code, sodomy punished by death

The Islamic State has released a list of punishments to be enforced in the areas of Iraq and Syria under its control – and the punishment for gay sex is death.

Those who have committed blasphemy or adultery, or are found spying for ‘non-believers’, will also be sentenced to death, according to the terrifying document which has now become widely available.

Other punishments include amputation for stealing, and 80 lashes for slandering or drinking alcohol.

The document was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri). It is titled ‘Clarification [regarding] the Hudud [Koranic punishments]’, according to the website.

Speaking to The Independent, counter-extremism think tank researcher Charlie Winter said he believed the document to be authentic, adding: ‘It outlines a number of punishments, some of which are already incorporated into the penal code of some Arab states.’

He continued: ‘The “hudud" punishments are derived from a literalistic interpretation of Islamic scriptures without taking the historical context into account.’

The release of the document follows horrific reports earlier this month of two men being thrown from a rooftop in Mosul, Iraq, for supposedly being gay.

Equally disturbing were reports of gay men being stoned to death in Syria in December.