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WATCH: This is the most important message young kids need to know about religion

A gay YouTuber, disturbed by the cartoons some religious groups force young kids to view, has produced a sweet alternative

WATCH: This is the most important message young kids need to know about religion
The video touches on various religious beliefs

Earlier this year, a slickly-produced but creepy cartoon produced by the Jehovah’s Witnesses enraged many people.

Within it, a child asked her mommy why one of her classmates has two mommies – only to receive a lecture on how such people will never enter Paradise.

One of those troubled by the cartoon was Olly Pike, the man behind – a website and video channel that presents LGBT equality education for a young audience.

Pike, who is based in London, says he produced ‘God loves LGBT+’ in direct response to the Jehovah’s Witness video, which he says in a statement he found to be ‘irresponsible and dangerous’.

‘It is so dangerous to suggest to any child that there is anything wrong with being LGBT+. Not only can material like this plant seeds of homophobia and discrimination, but it can also cause future LGBT+ youths and young adults to have serious mental and physical issues.’

Pike was spurned on to produce his own video. The message? If you believe in God then rest assured that he or she loves all people equally – whether they’re gay, straight, bisexual or transgender.

Speaking to GSN, Pike said that he was raised within a religious household.

‘I was raised in a Christian family, something which I enjoyed being part of but as I grew older I couldn’t help but feel torn between being between a Christian and being gay. I found it very difficult and upsetting as a teenager going through this.

‘I’d say now, although I wouldn’t claim to be a Christian, my spiritual side is something I would definitely like to explore further, now that I am so much happier in myself. Ideally I should be allowed to explore any religion I like.’

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