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Reminder: There was a queer marriage in Final Fantasy IX 19 years ago

Reminder: There was a queer marriage in Final Fantasy IX 19 years ago

Final Fantasy IX's queer marriage | Photo: Screenshot

Queer characters in video games is often considered a new idea – something modern to welcome LGBTI audiences.

But, in Final Fantasy IX, which recently celebrated its 19th anniversary – there was a queer marriage.

A male character and a non-binary character got married in order to advance the plot.

Final Fantasy IX’s queer marriage 

If you’ve not played it, Final Fantasy IX is a roleplaying game and the ninth installment in the globally beloved franchise.

Thief Zidane, tasked with kidnapping Princess Garnet, teams up with her and a team of allies to stop a queen and her mage ally from waging a war.

Two of the allies they meet are Quina and Vivi.

Vivi – an ensouled puppet that you find out has only been alive six months – is considered male. He uses elemental and status magic (like Firaga and Sleep).

Quina is from a genderless race, and uses both male and female pronouns throughout the game. They use blue magic – attacks used by enemies – obtained by eating their foes.

In Conde Petie, a village of dwarves, the team must get through a sacred path. However, the only people that can walk it must be wed.

Zidane and Garnet (named Dagger at this part of the adventure) is the village’s 100th ceremony.

But after this, Vivi and Quina question how they’re supposed to join the couple on the trip.

Zidane then suggests ‘you guys’ get married, which they then do.

Final Fantasy IX's queer marriage | Photo: Screenshot
Final Fantasy IX’s queer marriage | Photo: Screenshot

‘I… so happy…’ Quina says.

Progressive steps 19 years ago…or a joke? 

Final Fantasy IX developers have never spoken about this queer storyline. And, admittedly, the age difference is problematic. (Saying that, all game characters often have mutable/fluid ages).

Looking back on it, many perceived the optional plot as a joke. But, even now, people still see it as progressive.

‘Regardless of Quina’s gender, I doubt that dwarves got any restrictions concerning marriage to begin with,’ one gamer wrote.

‘They always seemed like a very tolerant folk to me.’

And another said: ‘Conde Petie is just a much more progressive, liberal society. We could learn a lot from them.’

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