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Travel firm ranks Canada as top destination for LGBTI honeymoons

Travel firm ranks Canada as top destination for LGBTI honeymoons

Rainbow Canada flag waved at Toronto Pride

If you’re thinking of spots for a honeymoon, it might be worth looking to the north.

Or more specifically, to North America.

A recent report by The Latin America Travel Company said Canada was an ideal destination for LGBTI couples who recently tied the knot.

The company’s ranking system measured various factors, such as ‘marriage equality, LGBT travel recognition, honeymoon popularity and romantic setting’.

‘Canada ranked in the top position after scoring highly in every single one of our categories,’ the report says.

‘In 2005 Canada became the first country outside of Europe – and the fourth country in the world – to legalise same-sex marriage.’

The travel group also highlighted Canada’s natural beauty, such as the Niagara Falls and the northern lights.

High honeymoon scores for European countries

Following on from Canada were New Zealand and Australia at numbers two and three, respectively.

The other countries listed from numbers four to ten were: Switzerland, Ireland, France, Greece, Finland, the USA, and Italy.

‘We compiled our LGBT Honeymoon Ranking by analysing both LGBT equality, plus overall honeymoon appeal across every destination around the world, using a variety of studies, reports and surveys,’ it says on the company’s website.

The reports also highlighted the significance of Argentina making the top 20. Argentina made history in 2010 by being the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage.

However, other Latin American countries did not fare so well. Costa Rica, Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil were listed from 26 to 30, respectively.

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