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Reporter wears ‘gay pride’ suspenders on Russian TV to protest propaganda laws

Must watch video: US pundit gets cut off by network after he tries to speak out against the rising homophobia in Russia

Reporter wears ‘gay pride’ suspenders on Russian TV to protest propaganda laws

A reporter has gone on Russian television, wearing ‘gay pride’ suspenders, to protest propaganda laws.

James Kirchick, a journalist and columnist, went on the English-speaking Russian network RT to take a stand.

‘Being here on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network, I’m going to wear my gay pride suspenders and speak out against the horrific anti-gay legislation.

‘It effectively makes it illegal to talk about homosexuality in public. But as you see the violent attacks on gay people…’

A startled host attempts to change the subject to US WikiLeaks soldier Bradley Manning’s sentencing, claiming they will discuss the ‘gay propaganda’ laws later.

‘I’m not really interested in talking about Bradley Manning, I’m interested in talking about the horrific environment of homophobia in Russia right now,’ Kirchick says.

‘And, I’d like the Russian gay people to know they have friends and allies in solidarity from people all over the world.

‘We’re not going to be silent in the face of this horrific oppression that is perpetrated by your paymasters, by Vladimir Putin.’

He added, in front of the dumbfounded RT crew, before he got cut off: ‘Everyone at this network should be ashamed of themselves.’

Check out the video below:

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