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This Republican candidate 'said she'd rather give baby to abuser than gay couple'

Former Miss America winner and Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General Erika Harold is unable to 'recall' the alleged comments from 2000

This Republican candidate 'said she'd rather give baby to abuser than gay couple'
(Picture: Facebook/erikaharold)

A Republican Party candidate allegedly said she’d hand a foster child to an abuser instead of a gay couple.

Former Miss America contestant Erika Harold, who is running for Illinois Attorney General, reportedly made the comments back in 2000.

As NBC reports, Harold was asked by judges at an Illinois pageant about how she would approach issues if she was a social worker who chose foster homes for kids.

Harold was asked who she’d chose between a gay couple or a heterosexual couple known as child abusers.

Republican candidate ‘doesn’t recall making the comments’

(Picture: Facebook/erikaharold)

Three of the judging panel have confirmed that she responded with child abusers.

‘I remember it because it was so shocking.

‘She took some time to answer it. And that drew people in. It stopped the room.

‘She spoke about reading the Bible daily and said her beliefs could not subject a child to the gay lifestyle.’

Another said: ‘I find it literally impossible she does not remember, because it cost her the pageant, she did not even make the top 10 that year.

‘There’s no way she does not remember.’

According to her political campaign team, the event ‘supposedly occurred nearly two decades ago when Erika was 20-years-old’.

‘Voters should first know that NBC Chicago chose to air an unverified story from anonymous sources 12 days before election.

‘Erika does not recall the alleged exchange, but Erika certainly support[s] same-sex adoption and foster care placement,’ they continued.

Meanwhile, in December last year, a Republican candidate for Texas governor would ‘gladly’ kill gay people, if he had his way.

Larry ‘Secede’ Kilgore wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post on 22 December: ‘I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter.

He added: ‘Biblical law is a blessin’

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