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Republican lawmaker in Louisiana accused of sending sexually explicit texts to gay teen

Republican lawmaker in Louisiana accused of sending sexually explicit texts to gay teen

Mike Yenni is president of Jefferson Parish in Louisiana.

A gay teenager is accusing the president of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish of sending him sexually explicit text messages and more.

The FBI is reportedly looking into the allegations made against Mike Yenni, a Republican who is married to a woman with whom he has a young daughter.

‘We have been made aware of the allegations and are looking into it,’ Craig Betbeze, a spokesman for the FBI, said in a November email to the online publication NOLA Defender which broke the story with WWLTV.

The youth is now 19 but was 17 at the time he met Yenni at his local Catholic high school.

The two began to talk on the phone and text and Yenni allegedly visited him at his job at a mall food court.

During that visit, the teen says they met in a bathroom and Yenni gave him some designer underwear.

They also kissed briefly.

The texting became more explicit over time and according to printouts of those texts, Yenni allegedly told the teen he wants him naked, perform a sex act on him and proposed a three-way with the older teen who put them in contact in the first place.

‘He asked me to go with him to his house in Oxford (Mississippi),’ the youth said.

‘Also, the way he would describe the sexual things he wanted to do to me. And he asked me to be a secretary or assistant in his office; that way I could be with him and not be questioned.’

The teen said he eventually broke off contact and blocked Yenni’s number. They never had sex. The teen’s identity has not been revealed publicly.

Yenni’s media consultant Greg Buisson, who is acting as Yenni’s media consultant on the matter, tells The Times-Picayune that Yenni has not been contacted by the FBI and does not think he will be.

‘Mike does not believe there’s any reason he should be contacted because he maintains that he has not violated any laws personally or professionally,’ Buisson said. ‘And that’s his belief at this point.’