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Republican Betty Price bizarrely suggests quarantining all people with HIV

Republican Betty Price bizarrely suggests quarantining all people with HIV

Betty Price

Republican representative Betty Price just suggested quarantining people living with HIV in America.

The Georgian GOP State lawmaker, who is also a medical doctor, made the comments during a House study committee meeting addressing the barriers HIV-positive people face, on Tuesday (17 October).

She is also the wife of anti-LGBTI Tom Price, a former Trump administration Health and Human Services Secretary.

‘My thinking sometimes goes in strange directions,’ Betty Price admitted.

‘But before you proceed – if you wouldn’t mind commenting on the surveillance of partners, tracking of contacts, that sort of thing. What are we legally able to do?’

‘And I don’t want to say the quarantine word, but I guess I just said it,’ she added.

She absurdly seems to be suggesting surveilling people with HIV to see who they’re sleeping with and what they’re doing.

Betty Price continued: ‘Is there an ability, since I would guess that public dollars are expended heavily in prophylaxis and treatment of this condition.

‘So we have a public interest in curtailing the spread.’

She then asked: ‘Are there any methods legally that we could do that would curtail the spread?’

Price seems to be implying since HIV-positive people access public health services, they owe the government accountability.

Betty Price ‘frightened’ by huge population with HIV

The bizarre rant continued.

Betty Price said: ‘It’s almost frightening the number of people who are living that are potentially carriers. Well not carriers, [but] with the potential to spread.

‘Whereas in the past, they died more readily and at that point they are not posing a risk.

‘So we’ve got a huge population posing a risk if they are not in treatment,’ she said.

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, said in a statement: ‘This language coming from anyone is totally unacceptable, but coming from a medical doctor and a Georgia State Representative it is reprehensible.

‘GLAAD is calling for a full apology for these remarks on behalf of all people affected by this harmful statement,’ she said.

Many on Twitter criticized the GOP lawmaker’s comments.

Alison Brandon tweeted: ‘Dear Betty Price – 1984 called and they think your ignorance has gone too far. Learn some actual public health science and compassion.’

Gay Star News reached out to Betty Price for comment.